App review: Netflix on the Dell Streak 7


When Netflix decided to update its app to be able to run on any Android 2.2 or 2.3 device, I'm sure many of you, like us, rejoiced. Both the Dell Streak 5 and the Dell Streak 7 are (officially) running Android 2.2, so being able to finally watch your Netflix TV shows and movies is huge. 

I've been using it on my Streak 7 for about a week now, and I wanted to show you how incredible it is to have a 7-inch tablet and watch full-length movies and shows on it. So join me after the break so I can give you a run-down of just how cool Netflix really is on your pocket tablet.


When you first open the app, this is the screen you're greeted with. It's annoying that internet video streaming services have to buffer, but it's gonna happen, and that's why this screen is here. 

20110915_193730 This is the homescreen. Here, you'll be able to navigate throughout Netflix's library of streaming TV shows and movies, as well as browse through your recently watched video, too. As you can see, I've most recently watched an episode of the awesome animated comedy South Park. I also took a trip down memory lane and watched Muppets from Space. As a disclaimer, though, the Backyardigans was to please a young person from my family. That's not my thing.

You can also sort videos into genres to help you find whatever it is you want to be watching. Unfortunately, TV shows are all lumped together; unlike movies, which have genre titles like horror, drama, and comedy, TV shows are simply TV shows. 

Of course, Netflix wouldn't be complete without being able to view your queue, which exists solely to help you put videos into a place from which you can access them easily. 

20110915_193220 To the right, you'll see how you can browse through TV show episodes. It's very straightforward; sorted by seasons and episodes, and even being titled, any episode that you want to watch is very easy to find. Simply scroll to whichever episode you want to watch and tap Play. 

The only issue I had with this page is a very, very nitpicky one: I wish there was a preview button. All I'm asking for is 30 seconds in the middle of the episode or movie to make sure that it's the one I am thinking of. Still, like I said, this is a nitpicky issue and isn't really an issue at all.

All in all, though, the video browser is really easy to navigate through and is very straightfoward. If they could fix the lack of a preview feature, I would be in video-watching heaven.


And finally, here is how video will show up on your screen. Or, how it shows up on my screen with my slow internet connection. Netflix automatically chooses what definition video you'll be watching, so your experience may vary. 

I'm currently on my free month of unlimited video streaming, and I am seriously considering dropping the $7.99 per month to always have it available to me. I seriously recommend you check it out if you haven't already. 

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