OnLive controller and app coming to iOS and Android “soon”

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OnLive is a service that lets US customers play console games without having the hardware to do so themselves, by streaming it over a fast Internet connection. Because all the hard stuff is done on a remote server, the receiving device only need some sort of controller and the ability to stream the resulting image. We’ve known for a while that Onlive would be coming to tablets, and John Spinale of OnLive has confirmed this to be happening this fall in a recent interview with Pocket-Lint.

The release will consist of two things; an app and a controller. The controller is essentially like any games console controller, but connects to your Android or iOS device and controls a game that’s played on a server far away. This way you’ll get both console graphics (because you are really playing a console) and console controls, which means that this system will jump tablet gaming ahead several years. You will need a fast Internet connection with a low ping though, so don’t expect to be playing this on the bus. Still, I for one wouldn’t mind getting rid of my PS3 and use this system instead, though I doubt I’ll ever have the chance to get this service in Norway.


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