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Pocket League Story kicks a goal for the big win on HTC EVO


Perennial favorite Kairosoft has done it again with their latest release on Android and your HTC EVO by taking a header straight to the back of the net in Pocket League Story.

This time around you are in charge of training a team that will battle to the top of the league in a soccer team simulation game. Just like the other "story" games, it will be up to your micro management skills to see how far you can take your rag-tag team of recruits and turn them into a well-oiled soccer machine. As you train your team, it will also be your duties to sell merchandise to fans, erect a gym to train your players, and even build a stadium once you have grown your fan base through sponsorships. 

Now this is a simulation game so training your players is important, as they are going to be playing the soccer match for you. You do not have direct control over the players; the AI will play based on formation and strategies you select before the match.

By the way, some of the other Kairosoft titles such as the rags-to-riches game developer Game Dev Story are 40% off in honor of the release of Pocket League Story so definitely pop over to the Android Market and check out some very well built games that will eat up your free time.


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