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R-Type brings 80's action and pricing to HTC EVO

RType Crack open a TAB soda, pop in your Rush mix-tape, and get ready to blast your way through nostalgia and aliens on your HTC EVO thanks to DotEmu bringing back the swagger with R-Type.

For the ones new to classic side-scrolling shooters, R-Type was developed by Irem in 1987 and was a pioneer along with other greats such as Gradius. In it, you control a space fighter codenamed "Arrowhead" to fight off the alien forces known as the Bydo. The game hailed as one of the greats not just for its design and gameplay but also for its difficulty. IGN even listed it as the seventh toughest game to beat, so you know you are in for a challenge.

Luckily DotEmu was skillful in R-Type's transition to Android. Touch and digital d-pad controls are available to suit either style of play. The classic soundtrack was brought over too and pumps out great MIDI beeping tunes as you blast your way through wave after wave of enemies.

Eight levels and two different difficulty levels will keep you coming back as you try to master R-Type and all its various weapons, upgrades, and attachments.

Best of all is the attractive pricing on the Amazon Appstore, where R-Type can be had for the low price of $0.99; and with all those free $2 Amazon Twitter credits that just took place, you more than likely will be able to score this great game for free.

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