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ROM Pick: Smooth 'N' Sexy v1.6 for HTC EVO 4G

2011-09-29_18-30-27This post is intended for rooted HTC EVO 4G users.

When one downloads a custom ROM, the first questions asked involve stability. A lot of the time, I find myself questioning AOSP's GPS reliability. Other times, I wonder if a Sense 3.0 ROM has 4G working.

There are many things that go wrong with ROMs that come from other devices. Whether it's the Sense 2.1 ROMs from the EVO Shift 4G, the Sense 3.0 ROMs from the EVO 3D, the Sense 3.5 ROMs from the Bliss or Runnymede, or AOSP/MIUI ROMs, they all have their own set of bugs and lagginess that accompany them. 

But what about ROMs built for the HTC EVO 4G? You know . . . ROMs actually built for our device. 

The current OTA update, 4.53.651.1, is a great build. There are several devs who have uploaded stock "4.53 ROMs," but let's face it, we go to custom ROMs for the "custom."

There are three options (correct me if I'm wrong) for 4.53 ROMs: ldc2335's Smooth 'N' Sexy, swagstr's Swagged Out Stock (that's my ROM, by the way), and Team Nocturnal's 4.53 ROM. 

Today, let's take a look at the Smooth 'N' Sexy ROM for the HTC EVO 4G. 

The video above (sorry about the lack of audio) shows all the nice features of this ROM. To begin, it's completely stable:  4G, Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS all work as HTC intended. Considering that this ROM is based off the OTA update, though, the stableness is kind of implied.

So what are the goods?


  • CIQ-removed
  • Remappable right button on the dock (this is a sweet feature; use the included LaunchKey app to map this button to any app)
  • Enabled video in Google Talk
  • WiFi scan increased to save battery
  • SD card speed fix and zipalign on boot (for RAM management)
  • Hotspot hack
  • 1X/3G shows properly and USB debugging icon deleted

Added Features

  • Quick Settings added to notification pulldown
  • Native screenshot enabled (power + home button)
  • New Market added
  • 4-in-1 Reboot Mod
  • Android WiFi Tether included
  • Wireless-N support
  • Green overscroll effect
  • Custom calculator


  • Espresso-style dock
  • Custom lockbar on lock screen
  • Replaceable docks (found here)
  • Keyboard background black
  • Lots of AOSP icons (including in the notification bar)
  • Sweet widget backgrounds
  • Slightly transparent and themed notification pulldown
  • Themed Swype
  • Custom wallpaper pack and font

This ROM is stable, sexy, and as I've mentioned several times based off of the latest HTC goodness. As an added benefit, ldc2335 has included so many docks for his ROM that it blows my mind!

Normally, when I review ROMs, I'll include the bad. But this bad boy is based off of stock, so good luck finding a bug here. 

As of today, the latest version of SNS is v1.6, which you can download from Mediafire or Dev-Host. Also, be sure to check out the official thread at the xda-developers forum.

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