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How to control overscroll effect on rooted HTC EVO 4G running deodexed stock ROM

Icon_GB_Green_Standard When Gingerbread was first released to the Android world, I think a lot us out there were really excited to see that sweet lookin' green "overscroll effect" when you hit the end of menus. But what didn't HTC EVO 4G users get in any of the three Gingerbread OTAs?

The overscroll effect!

Now, some people hate it and don't want it on their phones, but for those who love this wicked awesome overscroll effect, there's an easy way to get it because I've compiled two MetaMorph themes that should easily work with any Gingerbread/Sense-based OG EVO ROM based off of the 4.53 OTA update. 

The YouTube video above is me trying to show you how to apply the MetaMorph themes very rapidly. All you need to do is grab the file you want (links below), place your chosen .zip in the /AndroidThemes folder of your SD card (create this folder if you don't already have it), and then open MetaMorph and follow the directions above.

Note that this has only been tested on Swagged Out Stock and Virus' 4.53 Stock ROM.

Use caution when trying this with other ROMs. Be sure to make a Nandroid backup before trying any modifications like this. If you run into any problems, try flashing the opposite version (i.e., if you turned overscroll off, turn it back on). If any issues arise involving unrelated stuff (e.g., my Madden 12 disappeared after one of these flashes), a simple reboot should fix it. 

Remember, these are not flashable .zips and must be applied using MetaMorph. Here are the files you need: 

Turn Overscroll Effect On

Turn Overscroll Effect Off

And of course you will need MetaMorph, which is free from the Android Market. 


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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