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School Schedule helps quiet your HTC EVO during lecture

Hi-256-0-1fdcc5ce52f3e6a57afea1dec9b1ce7a368b72cd Story time: I had a bad ass biochemistry professor last year. At the end of the term, he went out for pizza and beer with the whole class. However, he hated cell phones. He could not care less if you were texting or playing Angry Birds on your HTC EVO (like I did occasionally), but if your phone rang during lecture . . . 10 points were taken off your final score. 

Now, I could go on a whole rant of why this is unfair, but I'm sure he would rebut with how unprofessional it is to have your cell phone go off during a presentation. College students, as people going into adulthood, need to realize that quieting the phone isn't such a bad idea. So, I've conceded to quieting my EVO, but how do I go about this process in the most efficient manner?

Last year I just turned off my OG EVO. But if I have a similar professor this year, I can turn to School Schedule. 

You're probably thinking what I was thinking when I saw this app. Who needs an app that just shows me my school schedule? Well it does way more than that!

To get your EVO nice and quiet during lecture, you need to start by adding in all of your lectures, labs, recitations, and club meetings; hell, you can add anywhere you want your EVO to be quiet in (work, church, etc.). 

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Second, hit Menu to bring up the Settings page. Pick what you want your EVO to do during "Lessons." You can choose to do nothing, unmute it, put it in vibration mode, or put it in silent mode. Then you pick what you want the phone to do when the lesson ends.

Finally, there's a really cool option where you can select exactly when the silence starts and stops – offsetting by a desired number of minutes. 

Sure, the app may not be a feature-filled, but why should it be? If School Schedule can easily save me 10 points for my final, it serves a great purpose! 

School Schedule is free from the Android Market. There are in-app advertisements; however, if you click on an ad, it will disappear for a few hours and make the app a bit cleaner. 


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