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Smart Lyrics helps you sing along to songs playing on your HTC EVO

Lyrics 2 A few weeks ago, I showed off the MIUI Music Player. This app attempts to fetch the lyrics for your currently playing music, but it only works for this specific music player and fails pretty hard at finding non-Chinese lyrics. Although it's a great music player, it's clearly not the best way to find lyrics to the currently playing song on your HTC EVO. 

Smart Lyrics is your solution. Before I get into how cool this app really is, let me point out the best feature (for a small group of people). Those that use Google Music (which is flippin' awesome) will be happy. Why? Because it works with it! Thus (for a larger group of people), Smart Lyrics works for many music players – not just Sense's stock music app.

Keep reading to see Smart Lyrics in action. 

To get this app up-and-running, all you need to do is fire Smart Lyrics up. Then, whenever you are playing a song, a small notification will appear in your status bar. Sliding down the shade will reveal a new notification. Where does it take you?

Snap20110901_223854 Snap20110901_223909

Directly to the lyrics. Smart Lyrics works; simple as that. And it's free too.

Need I say more?


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