Sony eReader scheduled for release, includes a touchscreen

Sony eReader - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereThe new touch screen eReader by Sony has been set for release next month. It features a 6-inch multitouch E-Ink screen, being one of the first to include this technology. Specs include the usual battery life for an eBook reader of approximately a month, or, as Sony puts it, “up to 14,000 page turns,” as well as 1.3GB of memory (expandable with Micro SD), WiFi, and an additional music player built in. Set to cost $149.99USD, Sony is now accepting pre-orders.

One thing that interests me, is that Sony is also listing that it will lend library books using Overdrive, just like Amazon is now doing with the Kindle. It is a terrific idea that should see people make use of their tax dollars that go towards their public libraries, but is it also stopping potential purchases on the respective eBook stores? After all, who would pay several dollars for a book when you can wait a few days and automatically have it downloaded to your device free of charge? Time will tell if this service will have any impact on eBook stores.

[Sony via Engadget]

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