Sony Tablet S up for preorder

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Sony is ready to enter the tablet market on September 16, and the first of their new tablets can now be preordered in the US with prices starting at $500. The cheapest model gets you a 9.4-inch tablet with a screen resolution of 1280 x 800, 1GB RAM, Tegra 2 CPU, 16GB internal memory, SD card slot and 0.3/5 megapixel cameras. Another $100 will upgrade the internal memory to 32GB, but a SD card will do that much cheaper.

As for special features, the tablet is Playstation Certified meaning that Sony graciously allows it to play old Playstation games that you buy from them. It also has an IR transmitter which is quite interesting as it allows the tablet to act as a remote control for various multimedia units. The tablet also has an “ergonomic” which means that one side is thicker than the other, something that Sony claims that people want. When it all comes down to it though this is just another Honeycomb tablet with a few features that are different from the other tablets out there, so it won’t revolutionize the Android tablet market in any way – though it does look nice.


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