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Sprint is sending HTC EVO 3D owners tips to preserve battery life


Quick, go check your email, because Sprint is currently sending HTC EVO 3D owners a message on how to extend your battery life. Clicking on the link in the email takes you here, which doesn't really give any new information but does provide some common sense stuff that is worth reiterating.

Read on to see Sprint's tips.

  • Turn off any radios that aren't currently in use, such as Bluetooth, GPS, 4G, WiFi, and the Mobile Hotspot. (Settings > Wireless & Network.)
  • Avoid using live wallpapers. (Personalize > Wallpaper)
  • Set your screen brightness to the lowest possible, yet still usable, setting. (Settings > Display > Brightness) Additionally, press the power button at the top of the phone when you are done using it to turn the display off immediately, rather than waiting for the screen to turn off on its own.
  • Check what's been using your battery before charging it. (Settings > About Phone > Battery > Battery use)
  • If you use HTC's mail application instead of Gmail, modify your email settings to check it less frequently. (Mail > Menu > More > Settings > Send & Receive)
  • Change the update settings in HTC's bloatware preloaded applications. (Menu > Settings > Update Schedule; this may slightly vary from app to app) Or just uninstall them.
  • Don't automatically sign in to Google Talk. (Google Talk > Menu > Settings)
  • Make sure you exit out of Telenav GPS Navigator when done using it. (Menu > Exit > Yes) Or just use Google Navigation instead.
  • Be careful when installing third party applications.

Like I said, nothing earth shattering, but it's still deserves to be repeated every once in a while. Additionally, a lot of these tips can be applied to the original EVO 4G and the EVO View 4G tablet, as well.

And while I've been relatively impressed with battery life on my EVO 3D compared to my old EVO 4G, it's also great to see Sprint reaching out and educating the less savvy EVO users out there.

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