WatchESPN brings live games and shows to the Dell Streak

Watchespn5 You know what's fun? Watching a full day of Sports Center on your day off, that’s what. You know what's more fun? Watching a full of day of Sports Center even if your significant other drags you to an outlet mall for "bonding" time. That's where the WatchESPN app  provides a much needed service to sports enthusiasts everywhere, and why we have devices like the Dell Streak.

To consume media on a portable 5-inch smartphone screen is just plain outstanding on the go. WatchESPN provides you with the ability to live stream ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPN U all from your Streak, as well as other Android devices. It runs perfectly on both stock 2.2 and on DJ_Steve's 1.9.1; however, the new StreakDroid 2.3 beta does not play nice and forces the video into an incredibly small and unwatchable box.   

Watchespn-qr The app is limited to select service providers (Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, and Verizon FiOS TV), but once you are set-up it's connected to your free ESPN account and accessible anywhere you can login. Your ESPN account needs to be linked to your cable or internet provider; the process can be painstakingly confusing, but ESPN has been promising to simply registration in the next coming weeks.

WatchESPN has the amazing ability to save you from insanity anywhere you might find yourself in need of a distraction, such as a waiting room, the bus, graduation ceremony, or wherever. I would recommend it to anyone who has ever missed a game because they had to work late or the power was out. 

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Jon Jones

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