What to expect from BUILD this week

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In case you are unaware, Microsoft is holding the BUILD conference tomorrow, and it will continue through Friday. Since this is a new event, some of you have questions. And every one of you still has questions about Windows 8 itself, and how the two will tie together this week. 

While I'm not 100% certain at this point, I think a lot will be revealed throughout the week about Windows 8 and where Microsoft is planning on taking their business. After the break, I will list just a few of the things that I am confident in saying will happen. Join me, won't you?

First off, I think we'll be hearing a lot about ARM and tablets. Windows 8's UI is very similar to Windows Phone's Metro UI, so touch is going to be a huge part of 8. On top of that, the fact that Windows 8 will be the first iteration to be able to run on the ARM architecture makes me believe that Windows will be pushing UMPCs/MIDs over traditional desktop and laptop computers. 

Secondly, I do believe that we'll be seeing more of the transition between the typical Windows desktop (let's just call that Aero for now) and the Metro UI. We already know that you'll be able to switch between them for legacy apps or simple web browsing, but we don't know how, and we certainly don't know how or how well it's going to work. 

It's also been said that there will be an app store for Windows 8, taking many cues from the Marketplace on Windows Phone, possibly even running some or all of the phone side's apps, as well as ones geared for larger displays. 

These are my opinions and educated guesses based on what I've read and heard for the past few months now. We'll know for sure what's going to be included in Windows 8 this week and when the operating system is officially released. 

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