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Why is Netflix still not "officially" available on the HTC EVO View 4G?


I usually don't rant and rave when I write articles for G&E, but today is going to be an exception. This is because the official Netflix app received another update on September 22, bumpig it up to version 1.4.1, and claiming "Netflix playback is supported on all Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices." But what about the HTC EVO View 4G tablet?

Although the View originally shipped with Netflix support right out of the box earlier this summer, subsequent updates to Netflix in the Android Market were invisible to EVO View users. Indeed, a simple search for Netflix in the Market on the tablet shows plenty of results, but not the official app. And when I search for it in the web-based Market, it clearly says that it’s not compatible with my EVO View tablet.

What gives, Netflix?

We know that your app works just fine on the EVO View; I've pulled the apk from my EVO 3D and installed it with no issues. We also know that the View shipped with Netflix support in the very beginning, but for some reason this was yanked from the View's Market.

Seriously, Netflix?

I don't want to have to pull the app from my phone every time there's an update. If there's something stopping you from making it officially available on the EVO View, then fine: don't advertise it's available when it's not. But if there's nothing stopping you, then please fix whatever glitch is in your system, and I'll stop crying about it.

(I think the appropriate Twitter hashtag for this post is #firstworldproblems.)

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5 thoughts on “Why is Netflix still not "officially" available on the HTC EVO View 4G?

  • Avatar of Robb

    What about HBO Go for honeycomb???

  • If you really want to use Netflix on the View, just got to and download the apk (make sure your settings are set to install from unknown sources). You can then log in and use netflix as usual. I’ve done this myself, so I know it works.

  • Avatar of Brian Blasphemy

    Yup….I believe they call this side loading. works great :)

  • Avatar of deathmate

    What about the Xoom? Same Issue. It works but still not supported!!!

  • I have the Xoom Wifi in the US and it updates from the Market with no problem.


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