Windows 8 gets shown off, downloadable right now


Oh, yes. Microsoft's BUILD conference kicked off today with a keynote from Steven Sinofsky, President of Microsoft Windows. Many things were revealed about Windows 8, the next iteration of Microsoft's desktop/laptop/MID OS, and because of that, we're all very excited to see what's coming. 

If you're the more adventurous type, I'll throw up the link for you to actually download a developer's copy of Windows 8, but in the meantime, I'm going to list and explain some of the most important new features of 8 that will apply to all of you guys. Join me below, please.

Note that all of the features will be italicized, and my explanation (because some of them need it) will be in regular type. 

  • All Windows 7 applications will run natively on Windows 8. This may be one that doesn't need much of an explanation, but it's definitely worth noting that you won't have to redownload or repurchase any of your applications. Again, it doesn't sound like much now, but it's a serious money-saver for those of you who like to buy applications all the time. 
  • Multi-touch support enabled for Internet Explorer 10. As you all probably know, Windows has never been known for killer touch support, but since Windows 8 is pretty much all for touching and prodding the screen, it just seems fitting that the installed web browser (for US citizens) will be tailored for that specific task.
  • There will not be a different edition of Windows 8 for tablets. So this might be the biggest one, although it might not seem like it. One of Windows' greatest things is the ability to be installed on virtually any machine out there, particularly ones that you would build yourself. I'm sure that it won't happen instantly, but there's a possibility that you could start building your own tablets and being able to throw any version of 8 that you want onto it. Remember, Metro is built into Windows 8; it's not something separate. 
  • Tapping on the desktop icon brings you to the traditional desktop. It should be very straightforward to switch back and forth between either UI, so you can definitely get your work done if Adobe doesn't want to migrate to Metro just yet.

I think I'm speaking for everyone here when I say that Windows 8 is shaping up to be something incredible. Tablets will definitely be coming, since that's what Microsoft wants anyways, and we'll be ready for them. In fact, we won't just be ready: we'll be welcoming them with open hands. 

How do you feel about Windows 8? Please tell us what you love/hate in the comments. 

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