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A Space Shooter For Free lets you beat up space bullies

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Good news for alien-hating HTC EVO owners: Your game has arrived in the form of A Space Shooter For Two Bucks Free.

It’s a 1941-style downscrolling shooter in space with asteroids and aliens. The main breakout features of this game are the fleshed-out comic book-style story, the 25 minutes of voice acting, and the attention to detail you find everywhere. There’s music, running commentary on your piloting abilities, and aliens attacking from all directions that provide fairly constant abuse.

QR Code thingie If the story is killing you, you can tap anywhere on the screen to get right back to the alien-killing action. And if the game is killing you, well, you can uninstall it or you can get better.

A Space Shooter For Free is, as you may have guessed, free. If you end up loving it and require larger weapons and more levels than what you can unlock via the game, you can unlock A Space Shooter For Two Bucks for $0.99 in-game.

Links:  Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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4 thoughts on “A Space Shooter For Free lets you beat up space bullies

  • why is it saying it’s not compatible with my device, i am running swagged out w/swag on. it won’t let me download?

  • odd, will check when I get back home. I installed it on an EVO 4G running VP GB 0.2.2 no problems roughly a week and a half ago and sure enough it’s saying it’s not compatible now in the market.

  • and I checked it out again a minute ago and now it is compatible again:

    This app is compatible with some of your devices.
    .Sprint HTC PG86100 (HTC EVO 3D)
    .Galaxy Tab (Samsung brick)
    .Sprint HTC PC36100 (HTC EVO 4G)
    xPhone – This item is not compatible with your device.

    There have been no updates for over 2 weeks, so my guess is they’re doing something with the manifest… that or Google market is being bjorky right now.

  • it keep force closing upon booting up the phone, I havn’t even run it yet? seem fishy! I have an EVO 3D


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