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After waiting all afternoon for it to arrive, I finally received my Apple iPhone 4S in the mail. While there isn't much to say that hasn't already been said, I thought it would be nice to go through what's in the box. I can't say how well it works yet, though; Apple's servers are still slammed. So I'll save that post for another time. 

Join me below for a gallery of what's in the box and my general first impressions of Apple's next iPhone. 

IMG_0169As you can see, I bought the white version. To be specific, I bought the 16GB AT&T white version. I already had a black iPhone 4, so I thought it was only fitting to have a different color to upgrade to. 

First opening the box, as with any other iPhone, reveals the phone itself, complete with its clingy screen protectors and new gadget shininess. 

There isn't really much to say about the design about the 4S. It's practically the same thing as the GSM iPhone 4, except for one thing: it has the CDMA iPhone 4's volume switch placement. That's really the only difference on the outside. 

Of course, it's what's on the inside that counts. A dual-core A5 chip, Siri, and many other refinements make the iPhone 4S a serious competitor with Android and Windows Phone 7 devices. 


Underneath the iPhone, the typical three Apple-branded accessories reside. A wall charger, 30-pin USB cable, and earbuds with a microphone round them out, the same as it has been for a long time. 


And there's everything outside of the box. I will definitely be doing more coverage on the 4S when I can get it activated, which I am hoping will happen tomorrow for a Monday post. 

Also, as a shameless plug, the Fujitsu LOOX F-07C review will be up next week, as well. 

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  • Why did u upgrade frm a 4 to a 4S? Seems like such a waste of $$ IMO O.o

  • I have receive many information from your article ! Thank you for your sharing ! I am looking forward to your update news about it !


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