Cobra Tag lets you keep track of you possessions with a mobile device

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People are weird. We can find the snooze-button from half across the room, while mostly asleep, in the dark, within a second. At the same time, a fair number of us misplace our keys on such a regular basis that you can almost schedule around it. The Cobra Tag is a 21st century solution to that, using Bluetooth and apps to create a bond between a battery powered keyfob and a mobile device. You can use either to ping the other (making either phone or tag emit a sound, depending on which one you’re pinging) or just let it warn you if you e.g. leave your house without your briefcase or something like that.

While this is probably something most people would use with a cell phone, it can also have its uses with a tablet. Finding your 10.1″ Android tablet is normally an easier task than finding a keychain, and I know a few people who could probably use one of these on their dumbphones to find those when they’re misplaced. Anyways, there’s currently a version out there that works with Blackberry and Android, and for once iOS is the one lagging behind with a version for it being released sometime this month. $60 is a bit more than those whistle activated key finders but you also get something that works a lot better. If you’re tired of forgetting something or misplacing something day in and day out, it’s a small price to pay.

[Cobra via iLounge]
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