Dell dropping Android in favor of Windows 8

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This might come as a shocker to some, or obvious to others, but the CEO and founder of Dell has dropped the hammer on Android in tablet form. In a discussion regarding the tablet industry and trying to dethrone Apple, Mr Dell had this to say

We are very aligned with Microsoft around Windows 8. You’ll hear more about Windows 8 from us and see a wide range of products released, Android is certainly another opportunity as well, but that market has not developed to the expectations they would have had.  –  Michael Dell

This might upset the Android fans out there, but having used and tested every available tablet on the market, I’m anxiously awaiting what Windows 8 can bring to the table. This is just my humble opinion of course, but market research and adoption rates aren’t exactly going as well as Google expected with Honeycomb tablets. The iPad continues to dominate the landscape, and frankly Android looks like it’s playing catch-up in every way possible. The hardware is up to par, but the software is so far behind, real comparisons aren’t even valid. I still average about 8 or 9 force closes with my Transformer through the Android browser a week, which should never happen at this point in the game.

Meanwhile, Windows 8 will be able to run the same way (if not really close) on a tablet as it does on a laptop. This means roughly anything you’d do at home, should be just as easy to operate on the road. This is a true difference compared to what iOS offers, which is a scaled up iPhone. A full desktop experience, with a wonderful and unique design will certainly win the hearts of masses. At least that’s what Michael Dell is betting on.

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