Dell selling unbranded, unlocked US 4G Streak 7s

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In case you have had any doubts that the Streak 7 line of pocket tablets isn't going away anytime soon, Dell has decided to give you one last chance to believe it. The manufacturer has started selling unlocked US 4G Streak 7 models, for just $399.99. 

This comes after the option to buy a T-Mobile version on the Dell website was taken down. Still, the availability of offering a 4G variant means that Dell likely isn't going to rid itself of the Streak 7 for a while. That's seconded by the fact that this unlocked 4G model will, indeed, run Honeycomb 3.2. 

If you've already got a 4G Streak 7, then the only real problem for you is that Honeycomb isn't (currently) being pushed out to it. It could always change, though. After all, we thought for the longest time that a 4G Streak 7 would never be getting Honeycomb at all. 

[Dell] Thanks, Themanii!

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6 thoughts on “Dell selling unbranded, unlocked US 4G Streak 7s

  • Avatar of Chris

    nice froyo screenie boneheads! arghh get with it Dell!

  • Avatar of p51d007

    Dell couldn’t market any of the streaks. It’s almost like they want them to fail.

  • If I unlock my Streak 7 with T-Mobile 4G, then will it be just like the unlocked devices that Dell is allowing to get the Honeycomb upgrade?

  • There is an article here on StreakSmart that proved that T-Mobile’s Streak 7 runs on AT&T 4G after unlocking. Search for the article. I cannot put the link here for some reason

  • Avatar of GoodToGo

    Too little, too late? Kindle fire is coming out in 2 weeks at half price!


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