Dell’s new tablet: designed for professionals

Dell Latitude - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereNot long after announcing that Windows 8 (not Android) will be the OS of choice on their upcoming tablets, Dell has confirmed a new device, the Latitude ST. Running Windows 7, it features a 10-inch multitouch screen that also has support for use with a stylus. The Latitude ST comes with USB  and HDMI ports, a SD card reader, mobile broadband, and WiFi. There is also the option of using a specialised dock to enable a full desktop experience when at your desk.

The press release features several dead links at the moment, but the device is expected to be out around the 1st of November. More features (such as price) are yet to be released, but if interested you can see the Latitude ST in action here.

[Dell Community via Engadget]


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