DJ_Steve releases StreakDroid 2.4 beta for the Dell Streak 5

ImagesLast night DJ_Steve announced the release of GingerStreak 2.4 beta, a new custom ROM for the Dell Steak 5 running atop Android 2.3.3. This marks the return of the legendary custom software maker since GingerStreak 2.0 was released back in May. Fards is also back on board after a break from development on the most recent version 2.3.

GingerStreak 2.4 uses the same kernel fards has been using since beta 2, along with some memory and performance tweaks from Steve. Because it's running the same kernel, we still have the impeccable battery life that began with GingerStreak 2.3. Since I've flashed it, it's been nearly  23 hours and I still have 45% battery left! Obviously more time will be needed before I can do a full review, but we should have a full video rundown and some performance tests soon.

Once again the new build requires an all new AMSS and DSP to be flashed. This corrects a known issue regarding the baseband showing as "unknown." As always after flashing, a factory reset is recommended, especially if you are plagued with reboots or force closes.

Download: AMSS | DSP | GingerStreak 2.4 beta
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