Doxie Go scanner brings proper scans to your tablet on the go

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One of my most used apps on the iPad is Scanner Pro. By taking pictures of documents with a digital camera, importing them to the iPad, and running them through Scanner Pro, I get some very nice scans in very little time, no matter where I am. Still, it doesn’t beat a proper scanner, and for some reason none of the portable scanners I’ve checked out seem to have thought of adapting their products to work with tablets. The Doxie Go scanner however has done just that.

The Doxie Go is a small portable scanner that runs on battery power and scans documents on the go. By saving the scans as image files onto SD cards, it quickly and easily becomes a scanner that works with tablets. Whether you have an iPad or an Android tablet, importing images from SD cards is something pretty much every tablet can do at this point. If you want PDF files, there are apps to do that once you get the files onto your device. Simple, yet brilliant. A sync kit will also be available for directly transferring scans to iOS devices, though the SD card method will work for iPads.

The Doxie Go will ship in late November for $199. That price will get you a proper scanner that is still pretty portable, but you do lose some portability and secondary features compared to the digital camera method. Still, this is an accessory that I think will make it into many people’s accessory collection, as portable document scanning is the key to a paperless way of life. They could probably get a few more sales if they didn’t market the tablet bit only  as “iPad compatible”, rather than “iPad and other tablets”, as this will as I said work with pretty much any tablet – heck, my iriver Story HD would work just fine with this scanner.

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