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Even more details emerge on Sprint's future 4G LTE strategy

LTE-Advanced-LogoWas Sprint's recent Strategy Update not enough for you? Do you want even more details on what's in the pipeline? As it turns out, in addition to deploying a nationwide 4G LTE network over their existing 1900Mhz spectrum, Sprint plans to roll out LTE Advanced (i.e. faster, better LTE) on 800Mhz by the first half of 2013.

According to Iyad Tarazi, Sprint's VP of network development and engineering, Sprint estimates that its LTE Advanced network will be capable of up to 15Mbps down and will cover up to 277 million people by the end of 2013. In other words, according to Tarazi, Sprint will have a larger LTE footprint than its current 3G footprint.

Additionally, Sprint is planning on launching Voice over LTE (VoLTE) in the first quarter of 2013, which will allow for services like HD voice and simultaneous voice and data usage. Sprint is still on track to launch a bunch of LTE enabled devices next year, too, although these "first generation" LTE devices will take advantage of voice over Sprint's existing CDMA 1X network.

Tarazi also said that Sprint is still committed to investing in and improving its ailing 3G network, as well as maintaining current levels of WiMAX service, so we EVO users have nothing to worry about for the moment. This is appropriate, especially since 20% of Sprint's data traffic is now on its WiMAX network!

In fact, 3G coverage should be getting better around the country for most people soon, as well. So what do you think? Are you excited about all of the upcoming changes at Sprint, as well as the potential of a really sweet up and coming LTE EVO? Sound off in the comments!

[Fierce Wireless via Android Police]
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16 thoughts on “Even more details emerge on Sprint's future 4G LTE strategy

  • Avatar of Stormer

    I figure when they come out with a LTE EVO I’ll upgrade my EVO4G. I’ll probably wait until it’s rooted and wireless tethering is available.

  • Ditto… They could call that phone the REVOLTE.

  • I would patent “REVOLTE”. I am still shocked of all the investment and time not to mention a bunch of current WIMAX phone owners who have no shot at 4G if they dont already have it. Oh well I just hope it doesn’t affect our billing if Sprint decides to do an additional 10.00 charge on LTE. We all know this is a big expenditure. I for one am pulling for Sprint even if I was mislead about 4G in my area. Just hope In meantime they get the 3g up to par with competition.

  • Avatar of Javán

    I second that, Tommy!! My 3g coverage has NEVER been anything special, but it seems that in the past 6 or 7 months it’s become, noticeably, worse. While I’m, curiously, happy to hear this lte news, a part of me would settle for 3g that works how it’s supposed to!!

  • Avatar of Carl Depeine

    Haha I like that!

  • Avatar of biker1

    I’ll Believe it when I See It, as they say.
    It looks like a couple of devices will have to be purchased if one wants to keep up with the aforementioned technology upgrades to the Network.
    Isn’t Lightsquared the Unknown Factor, and an Important Player in all of this?
    Lightsquared will be tied up in Congress no doubt regarding compatibility with the existing GPS System for quite a long time, is my guess.

  • would it be possible to get a wimax/LTE phone? you know to place both needed radios in a single phone? thus creating more complete 4G coverage. although i would imagine if it were even possible having both of those things on would simple kill your battery way too fast to even enjoy.

  • Yes, prepare for even higher fees.

  • Avatar of Tumbleweed

    So he’s saying their LTE Advanced network, in 2013, will be as fast as Verizon’s regular LTE network is … today? Color me unimpressed.

  • If they improve 3g speeds and actually offer lte in my area Atlantic City NJ then I’ll consider staying but they have till December to make a move.

  • Avatar of Bradly

    My bad. Wrong thread.

  • CLEAR’s apparently dropping Sprint before Sprint drops CLEAR. Effective 10/27/2011, no more dual mode devices (4G/3G) are available from CLEAR. In fact, CLEAR’s changing their rate plans to a flat $50/month per device, with bundled discounts. CLEAR’s dealers had their contracts terminated as of 10:01 PT on 10/26/2011. If they sign the new contract & agree to new restrictions, such as no more consigned inventory for their stores, they can resume selling next Tuesday, November 1st at greatly reduced commissions as well. So if you are wondering why your local CLEAR store is closed today, well now you know.

  • I would be happy if they could manage to get 3G in my house. Baby steps first right.
    Jeesh Sprint! I am trying to hang in there, but your unlimited data plan can only go so far on a limited network.

  • Avatar of devo4g

    Excuse me, “up to 15 Mbps” with LTE “Advanced”?

    Verizon is already getting that with LTE “Not so Advanced”.

    If you’re taking two extra years to roll out LTE, shouldn’t you be at least aiming for 100? I mean I hate to be a pedant but the ITU (which is supposedly the body that defines nomenclature like “4G”) says it’s not even true 4G until you get to 100, current marketing claims notwithstanding. And “LTE Advanced” should be capable of 1000.

    ( See )

    Sprint is settling for 15? Really?


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