Freebie alert: 123D sculpt for iPad

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If you have a tablet, you’ll never be bored. A quick trip on the app store for your OS will certainly result in some free downloads, be it apps that are always free or just free for a short while. 123D sculpt by Autodesk is free right now for a short period, and it’s something quite unique: a sculpting app for the iPad.

The app lets you play with virtual clay and stretch it, form it and sculpt it however you want. It’s quite memory intensive and somewhat buggy at times, but generally it’s a very fun experience to add and form your way to something. There are some pre-made sculptures that you can use (or buy more of with in-app purchases) and you can also create some from scratch using more basic geometries as a starting point. There’s also a feature that lets you “rub over” images to your sculpture, which basically gives you a rather advanced way of applying textures to your models.

I’ve played with this for a little while now and while I’m definitely no artist, it’s a lot of fun for something that’s free. The above image is the iguana model I started with, and if you hit the jump you’ll see the brilliant artistic creation I ended up with. If that doesn’t convince you to try the app, then not even Michelangelo could.


123dsculpt2 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

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