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Fresh 4.0.3 finally available for rooted HTC EVO 3D

FreshhhOne of the most popular ROMs for the HTC EVO 4G, by one of the most well-known developers in the EVO world, is finally making its way to the EVO 3D. This morning, developer flipz sent an email to all his loyal donors with a link to download his latest and greatest creation for the EVO 3D, which is based off of the latest security OTA, 2.08.651.3.

Loyal followers of flipz know that he recently got married and has quite a busy life outside of the developer community, which accounts for his long absence.

As he states, "My personal life has been insane and I simply haven’t had the time but I spent my Saturday in the country with nothing but a slow aircard and this emerged!"

Some notable features of Fresh 4.0.3 for the EVO 3D include:

  • Deodexed and zip-aligned
  • CIQ stripped
  • USB debugging and status icon removed
  • Additional options added to quick settings (media volume, brightness, and rotation)
  • Bottom LED panel dimmed
  • HDR and panorama modes enabled in the camera
  • Shutter and focus sounds no longer forced
  • Google Talk with video chat enabled
  • Latest Superuser, Gmail, Market, Maps, and Voice Search

Still on the to-do list:

  • Add flashlight to quick settings
  • Fresh Updater
  • Custom boot screen
  • Add WiFi tether and File Explorer

If you previously owned an EVO 4G and ran Fresh, you know that the ROMs flipz creates are among the cleanest and most stable, so it's great to see him finally developing for the EVO 3D. As a perfect example, flipz does not consider the ROM ready for public release yet, although he listed no known issues that are caused by the ROM.

If you want to give Fresh a spin on the EVO 3D, donate at his site below. Otherwise, you can wait for the public release, which should be just around the corner.

[Geek For Me]
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