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Google Voice is finally getting MMS support

2009-07-15_google_voice_fluid_previewGoogle Voice is useful. Some use it as a replacement visual voicemail application. Others use it as an SMS replacement application. And maybe you use it for WiFi calling. Apparently, in the near future, Android users will also be able to use it as an MMS replacement too. 

Yep, whether you like to keep your HTC EVO 3D and HTC EVO View 4G texts all synced up, or you have some sort of plan cooked up with Sprint where you don't pay for texting (wait, does that exist?), Google Voice is quite handy. 

But, it has always been lacking one feature: MMS. You know, picture messaging and such. This may or may not have been a deal breaker when you thought about using Google Voice in the past; however, it is nice to see that Google is listening to their customers (again) and adding in the features we want. 

For now, this will only work for Android users on the Sprint network (hey, that's you, EVO user), which makes it another reason to take advantage of the Google Voice/Sprint integration

Who else has been waiting forever for this feature?

[Google Voice Blog]
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