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How to get Google Talk video chat working properly on your rooted stock HTC EVO 3D

Google-talk-videoOne of my biggest complaints about the HTC EVO 3D's stock ROM is that Google Talk with video calling is not officially supported, even though Android 2.3.4 is supposed to have this particular feature. For whatever reason, HTC decided to keep the older version of Talk (the one that only allows instant messaging), with no explanation as to why.

Several months ago, we showed EVO 4G users running Android 2.3.3 how to install a modified Google Talk apk that allows voice and video chat. However, many users responded with disappointing results, including poor sound and video quality, force closes, and sideways video. Similar problems have plagued EVO 3D and EVO View users who have tried to get this working on their stock  ROMs.

Lucky for us, developer Rydah805 made two files available, supposedly from an official forthcoming HTC build, that allows Google Talk with voice and video chat to work flawlessly on the EVO 3D. That's right: decent sound and picture quality, no sideways video, and no force closes.

Several prerequisites have to be met for this to work: first, you have to be rooted. Second, you must be running a Sense-based ROM, and your Android version must be 2.3.4 (sorry, EVO 4G users). Third, if you're not comfortable with pushing files through ADB, you should have Root Explorer or a similar app installed that allows you to change permissions and mess around in system folders.

There's a really helpful tutorial here, complete with screenshots, to guide you through the process of getting this set up. And in case you're wondering, this does work on the EVO View tablet, as well.

Of course, if you don't want to go through all this extra work, you could always find a custom ROM that already has this built in. But there are others, like me, who like to stay as close to stock as possible, and tweak various things to our own liking. If you are like me, happy tweaking!

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