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How to play your Google Music in the HTC music app or other third party player


Google Music is a great way to make your entire music library available anywhere you go, including on your HTC EVO or other Android device. In fact, one of my favorite features about the official Android Google Music app is the ability to download and save recently played tracks, or even entire playlists, for offline listening later on.

But did you ever wonder where those tracks go once they are mysteriously saved somewhere on your EVO for offline playback? And have you ever wanted to be able to play those tracks in your stock EVO music player, or even another third party music player?

It's actually a relatively simple process, and doesn't even require root. Just open your favorite file explorer, and make sure the appropriate option is selected to show all hidden files. Then, navigate to /sdcard/Android/data/com/

IMPORTANT: Delete any files you see along the way that are called .nomedia. If you don't do this, other music players won't be able to see the files from Google Music.

After this, press Menu > Settings > SD & Phone storage > Unmount SD card. Once it is done unmounting, select the option to mount it once more, and then restart your phone. After your phone restarts, it should scan your SD card for any additional music files, and you can then use any app you want to play your offline Google Music library.

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