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MikRoms HTC Runnymede-Beta puts Sense 3.5/GB 2.3.5 on your HTC EVO 4G

Home screen home This is my first foray back into the Sense world on HTC EVO 4G ROMs since leaving it for AOSP about seven months ago, so excuse me if this sounds a bit gushy, but I love MikRoms HTC Runnymede-Beta.

As its name implies, the ROM is based off the Runnymede, the previous codename for what is now known as the HTC Sensation XL. It's the most enjoyable Sense 3.5 ROM I've ever come across, and it reminds me of a better version (at least a nicer presentation) of what came with the HTC EVO 3D.

The ROM features Beats by Dre audio, an advanced power menu, panorama camera, RCMix tweaks, 3D homescreen option, and numerous other goodies. Something I forgot while I was immersed in AOSP for all of those months is that Sense looks good, responds nicely, and generally is a pretty decent product – as long as you remove all the hidden stuff.

The downside at the moment is that there's no 4G. It also appears that HTCLoggers and Carrier IQ weren't removed, so you may want to wipe it out before doing anything much with the ROM. The kernel it comes with is incapable of overclocking, so you may want to find another kernel if you're into that. Oh, and that lock ring customization mod doesn't work on this beta either.

There's not much else I have to say about this except that it is very nicely put together. If you're looking for Sense 3.5 on your EVO 4G, this is a great ROM to start with and hopefully there will be a fix for 4G by Beta 6.

Lockscreen The HTC Flipclock has wheels on the side

App dock Dock mode

Screen select Snapshot[2]

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12 thoughts on “MikRoms HTC Runnymede-Beta puts Sense 3.5/GB 2.3.5 on your HTC EVO 4G

  • Looks like it will be something that I’ll have to check out once the loggers and 4G are fixed. I’m still really enjoying the stability and full functionality of MikG atm, but I’m getting more and more interested in Sense 3.5.

  • Avatar of etnpnys

    Same here. Anybody know how much free space is available immediately after flashing? How about after removing all the other non-essential stuff? (AdBlock, extra widgets, etc)

  • Avatar of EvoBluBalls

    Yeah how much internal and sd memory is left after down loading. Last sense 3.5 rom I tried I didn’t have any memory left.

  • ok, there are a couple of things I installed – appstore, dual mount, gmail, google voice, maps, picme, setcpu, titanium backup,wireless tether. There are 130 mb free internal.

    As for SD card space, it appears to take up 400 meg.

    Probably be fine with dta2sd if there’s support for Sense 3.5

  • I’m running a different 3.5 Sense Rom and A2SD works fine. I have 180 mbs internal space left on that one. FEARMEde beta 6

  • Avatar of taylorchriso

    What’s the change log for FEARMEde beta 6? I’m running beta 5 right now and just downloaded 6….

  • Avatar of Derrick

    I’m kind of new to rooting. What’s a safe overclock speed for the HTC 4G? Does it depend on the ROM used?

  • depends on kernel and HW revision and something else completely random that nobody has ever really explained to me.

    I found OC to 1152 is the highest that’s stable on mine.

    Try OCing slightly higher, just make sure to not set it that way at boot, and if you overclock it too much you can just do a battery pull and boot normally.

    You’ll know you’ve overclocked it too much if it gets unstable or heats up

  • Avatar of devo4g

    Back on topic- this ROM is surprisingly good.

    Sense 3.0 didn’t seem to be all that much better than 2.1, but 3.5 adds a *lot* of polish and very useful new functionality. Not sure why there isn’t more buzz about this port. If I thought I could live without 4G this would probably be the ROM I would go to when I am done with Synergy. As it is it’s a race between getting 4G added to this ROM vs the arrival of the Evo 4G version of Warm 2.3 (currently available for Evo 3D) – I’m grabbing whichever comes first.

  • This ROM is more stable than I expected! I flashed this ROM just for curiosity but ended up keeping it, it is that good. Feels very smooth and gives my evo 4G a nice modern feel. Only problem I found was changing skins, it only comes with 2 pre installed and it cannot download more from HTC hub, I get an error “data not found”. Also there’s a problem with super user, but I fixed it by uninstalling the app then downloading it and installing again from the market. I restored my 60+ apps today and everything seems to be working perfect. I flashed the lastes version RC1.1 and I’m hoping the next version will make this ROM the perfect ROM with sense 3.5 for the evo 4G. Anyone with an evo 4G most give this ROM a spin. My evo most likely will not ever use its 4G radion in Phoenix, so lack of 4G support is not an issue for me.

  • Avatar of jonnathan

    If you update your HTC Evo 4G you won’t be able to root until someone finds out a new way

  • Already found the new way:, all other supported devices, unlock bootloader, install recovery, install superuser

    Same issues with the 4G as the 3D had supposedly, no way to flash radios, but that’s about it


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