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MikRoms HTC Runnymede-Beta puts Sense 3.5/GB 2.3.5 on your HTC EVO 4G

Home screen home This is my first foray back into the Sense world on HTC EVO 4G ROMs since leaving it for AOSP about seven months ago, so excuse me if this sounds a bit gushy, but I love MikRoms HTC Runnymede-Beta.

As its name implies, the ROM is based off the Runnymede, the previous codename for what is now known as the HTC Sensation XL. It's the most enjoyable Sense 3.5 ROM I've ever come across, and it reminds me of a better version (at least a nicer presentation) of what came with the HTC EVO 3D.

The ROM features Beats by Dre audio, an advanced power menu, panorama camera, RCMix tweaks, 3D homescreen option, and numerous other goodies. Something I forgot while I was immersed in AOSP for all of those months is that Sense looks good, responds nicely, and generally is a pretty decent product – as long as you remove all the hidden stuff.

The downside at the moment is that there's no 4G. It also appears that HTCLoggers and Carrier IQ weren't removed, so you may want to wipe it out before doing anything much with the ROM. The kernel it comes with is incapable of overclocking, so you may want to find another kernel if you're into that. Oh, and that lock ring customization mod doesn't work on this beta either.

There's not much else I have to say about this except that it is very nicely put together. If you're looking for Sense 3.5 on your EVO 4G, this is a great ROM to start with and hopefully there will be a fix for 4G by Beta 6.

Lockscreen The HTC Flipclock has wheels on the side

App dock Dock mode

Screen select Snapshot[2]

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