Ice Cream Sandwich adds native stylus input recognition


One thing that went unnoticed with the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich this week is that Google has thrown in native stylus input recognition to its latest iteration of Android. 

We've seen unique stylus input from one Android tablet in the past. Unfortunately, the feature that Google has implemented into ICS doesn't have the Flyer's full handwriting recognition support or any built-in apps to utilize the technology. Google simply threw in the ability for Android to recognize pressure-sensitive styli, making it easier for developers to create apps that take advantage of them. 

I thought it was pretty important to note this addition; I am a big fan of handwriting recognition on mobile devices. Hopefully, this move will push Apple and Microsoft to do something that ties in their services and open up plenty of opportunities for each of their platforms. Just think of Siri being able to recognize your English 101 notes and send them to Word on your Mac!

Competition is incredible, isn't it? Are you still interested in writing with a stylus on your mobile device, or do you prefer on-screen or slideout keyboards?

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Calob Horton

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3 thoughts on “Ice Cream Sandwich adds native stylus input recognition

  • Avatar of ArchiMark

    For me, options are good….

    So, I wouldn’t say that I prefer one over the other, I’d like both!…slideout keyboard and handwriting recognition, let me the user make the choice depending upon what I’m doing wiht device at the moment….

  • Excellent news! I use both touch and stylus on my windows tablet; and I’ve been thinking I wouldn’t want to be left with just the fingertouching on my next tablet either.

  • Avatar of Sarig

    “Just think of Siri being able to recognize your English 101 notes and send them to Word on your Mac!”

    Just went back and saw this now: Have you ever tried OneNote on a windows tablet? It’s pretty rad.


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