Ice Cream Sandwich will be fantastic for Dell Streak 5, Streak 7


Today, Google announced Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. With it came the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung, and that's the device that you see above. 

Ice Cream Sandwich doesn't just run on phones, though. It doesn't just run on tablets, either. Ice Cream Sandwich finally ties the two products together with a singular OS that will run on both. In other words, it's a hybrid of Gingerbread and Honeycomb. That's one step closer to getting rid of Android's fragmentation issue, for sure, but what does it bring to existing Android devices? Specifically, what are us Dell Streak owners going to get out of the new update? Read on to find out.

Google has brought a few needed upgrades to Ice Cream Sandwich. A revamped UI comes in, taking cues from both Gingerbread and Honeycomb. Gone are the hardware buttons, something that was ripped from Honeycomb, and in are the three software buttons that you would see on that OS. 

In addition to the new UI, ICS also has some more human-like interaction features that will help to streamline your everyday, Android-driven life. One of these features is facial recognition. It's used to actually unlock your device, which is really cool. Windows has had this for a little while, so it's nice to see mobile devices start to pick up on that killer feature. More ICS details can be found at Good and EVO, one of our sister sites.

Obviously, we probably won't see an official update for the Streak 5, and I highly doubt one will be released for the Streak 7 for a while, if ever, either. But Ice Cream Sandwich can always be ROM'd onto our beloved Dell tablets by talented devs, which would most likely be faster and better than an official update anyway.

What are your thoughts on Android 4.0 so far?

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