iMovie finally gets external video import

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iMovie has been available on the iPad 2 since it came out, but until now it’s been lacking what’s perhaps the single most important feature in a video editing program on a device with cameras that are as bad as those on the iPad 2: the ability to import video from other cameras. You know, the thing that the Camera Connection Kit is made for. It hasn’t been for a lack of technical capabilities, as even the iPad 1 will happily import and edit HD video from a standalone camera as long as you use third party video editing software. It’s therefor about time that Apple got their act together and introduced the feature in iMovie.

Having this feature changes iMovie completely in my opinion – because it’s a great app, much more user friendly than the third party app I mentioned. It’s just that having a video editing app that can’t do external video is sort of like having a document editing app that only lets you type in smileys. While the format support isn’t absolute, you’d be amazed how many video formats the iPad will happily read when fed through the Camera Connection Kit. With the 4S touting awesome video and image quality these days, a decent point and shoot camera can give your iPad 2 an upgrade that gives the 4S a run for its money.


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