Invisible Glass will vastly improve your tablet experience

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You don’t see what I’m talking about do you? Well, that’s a good thing.

Nippon Electric Glass has developed a prototype sheet of glass, which could be used on phones, laptops, and tablets, which only reflects about 0.5% of light. To put that into perspective, a normal sheet of glass will usually reflect about 8% of light that passes through it. There is also a thin layer of anti-reflective film on the front and back of the Invisible Glass to help aid in reducing glare.

This is only a prototype at the moment, and still has some ways to go until Nippon can reach our consumer products, but this would be insanely beneficial in our everyday lives and would clearly make using electronics (among other things) outdoors a much more pleasant experience. Imagine being able to actually use your tablet or phone outdoors, and still have the silky smooth finish of a polished (non matte) sheet of glass. Those would be the days, and hopefully someone can bring this to production soon.


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