iOS 5 coming October 12th

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Apple’s “let’s talk iPhone” keynote is now underway, where the iPhone and iPod is naturally the focus. They did however give us iPad users a piece of information that we needed: the release date of iOS 5. Next Wednesday, October 12th, is that magical date. The update will bring a whole bunch of features to the iPad, such as the ability to be completely independent of a computer. Setup, backup, syncing media etc will all happen via the iPad itself and iCloud, Apple’s new cloud service. iCloud will also let you get all your non-iTunes music in the clouds for $25 per year, which will include both matching your music to existing iTunes music and uploading anything that’s missing.

The iPhone 4s (the new iPhone) comes with a new feature that is essentially iSkynet – letting you control all sorts of things with voice. No mention of this feature on the iPad however, which is certainly a let down. The fact that this feature is highly important in terms of accessibility seems to me to be a reason why Apple should put it in every device that can use it, but apparently making money is more important than making sure as many people as possible can use their products. The final disappointment for iPad users was the new iPod Nano. It’s been speculated and suggested that it would eventually become a wireless controller for the iPad like the Sony Ericsson LiveView is for Android, but all Apple did was to slightly change the menus and add a few clock faces.

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