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Iris seems to be a good alternative to Siri for Android devices


Jealous of the new Siri feature on the iPhone 4S? Looking for a good alternative on your HTC EVO or other Android device? Look no further than Iris by Dexetra – "Yeah, Iris is siri in reverse," proudly proclaim the developers on their Android Market page.

Iris is a new app that purportedly allows you to interact with your phone in a more human and fluid way, enabling you to ask questions on any topic from politics to history, science to philosophy, or just general conversation.

"Gone are the days when you 'Google searched' for information," the developers claim, although it should be noted that Iris is still in an early alpha stage of development. As such, it's not quite up to the same level as Siri is yet.

This is made quite evident in the conversation I attempted with Iris below, which quickly went downhill.


As you can see, my initial question about the weather quickly turned into what could only be described as a sexual proposition from a machine. Yes, there are definitely some kinks to work out.

In any case, Iris is definitely a fun little app that you can shove in the faces of your iPhone-touting friends when they try to tell you that their phone is better than yours. Just keep in mind that, in case you are rooted and running a bare-bones ROM, you do need Voice Search and TTS library installed on your phone for Iris to function correctly. If you are running a stock ROM, you probably already have this.

You can give Iris a try at the links below, and be sure to share any additional off-the-wall things she might tell you with the rest of us.


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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23 thoughts on “Iris seems to be a good alternative to Siri for Android devices

  • What do they mean by, “in reverse”?

  • Avatar of amaults27

    It’s SIRI spelled backwards- in reverse. You may need some coffee.

  • Avatar of solinari6

    lol … so I asked Iris, “What’s the weather like right now?”

    Answer … “There no such thing as weather on earth”

    yeah, maybe a few kinks to work out still ;)

  • Avatar of T3viin

    Can u say entertainment :p TAKE THAT STEVE XD. Not stolen.. innovated :p

  • Avatar of mikesan

    Bahahahahah! ” is that a no?” Got to give credit to it for being persistant, if I had that courage in college my gpa would have been terrible. LOL

  • Avatar of Renegade

    I am liking #speaktoit better than iris

  • I also like speaktoit assistant. It, like Siri and Iris is in the early beta stages, but it has been good since I downloaded it earlier this week. Even has some quirky/funny responses. I recommend giving it a try. The only downside so far is I noticed it eats up battery pretty quickly when you play with it a lot.

  • So it went from the weather to asking you if you wanted some cybersex to assessing the status of your organs for the black market….lol

  • Avatar of Mark Richards

    Anything to pee on the sacred grave of jobs.

    Renegade suggested Speak To It Assistant. I tried. Very sweet. Might be worth a review here.


  • I will check out Speak To It, as well, and I’ll see if I can post about it next week. Thanks!

  • Avatar of solinari6

    Honestly, I think you got trolled. This is meant to be a joke app.

  • Try Edwin – It’s Speech to Speech, but it does a great job of doing what Siri does and it’s been around much, much longer.

  • Avatar of davidr521

    They both kinda suck.

    The one that is actually useful is Voice Actions.

  • I asked the same and got “Snowing now.”… Which is odd in Orlando Florida.. was a little cooler than normal lately but not snowing. Then I figured I’d ask a more specific question. “what’s the weather in orlando”.. and got an incredibly detailed weather report for Orlando, Florida (which luckily is the orlando i was asking about.. I could’ve been even more specific i guess).. The report had highs and lows in C and F (yes “C” and “F” is what it said) then wind conditions for “now”.. then it gave me the “day after that”.. and the next 3 days after that.

    I’d say, while it does have its fair share of kinks… some of the kinks are on the users side.

  • Avatar of ZEO2K

    Wow… Duh moment for myself lol! I was thinking they meant functionality in reverse. I’m thinking, “What does that even mean?” Thanks.

  • Avatar of Bradleyw801

    Vlingo is the best in my opinion.

  • its funny but not very helpful i asked you said its sunny but its not and it came back with i didnt know the weather could be insane lol

  • Avatar of danindenver

    I don’t think it looked any better than Iris or Voice Actions.
    I see that Peter had to select from many options, nearly every time he said something.

    I’d expected hands-free operation.

    However, having tried Voice Actions, I absolutely can see great potential in the future. Rather exciting, actually.

    Look for the day when we do away with keyboards and get the neural implants.

  • I like Vlingo Car… just being able to say “Hey Vlingo” to get things working amuses the hell out of me.


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