M-Edge GO! Jacket for Nook Touch review

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I take my Nook places. I take it to the mall when my better half goes shopping, and I take it on business trips or even vacation. The portability of the Nook enables me to take it pretty much anywhere I want to go. Unfortunately, even though it’s built extremely well, I just don’t want to risk damaging it. So in comes the M-Edge GO! Jacket to keep my Nook Touch from having to worry about drops or spills. Will this new case be as good as previous M-Edge products? Hit the break to find out. 

Design & Build Quality

Those of you that have always loved seeing that good looking, and extremely light weight carbon fiber will surely like the look of this case. A nice and clean, carbon fiber exterior with a dark grey suede interior lining wrap around your Nook Touch. It’s an excellent look, with a little sportiness. If carbon fiber isn’t your thing, you can choose from red or pink leather. If you look closely, M-Edge stamped their logo on the spine, and threw in another power button logo on the rear of the case, which is soft and intended for powering on and off the Nook Touch threw the Nook’s power button. It takes a little getting used to to power on/off the Nook this way, but it works pretty well.

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On the inside, your Nook is locked in place by a four point mounting system which consists of non flexible pockets in the bottom corners, and elastic (partly) pockets on the top. Once your Nook is in place, it isn’t going anywhere. There aren’t any document or note pockets lining the inside, which really keeps the Jacket from getting too bulky. The only addition you’ll notice is the slot for the M-Edge  e-luminator Touch Booklight, which is pretty straightforward and essential for a non-illuminated display panel.

Overall, the GO! Jacket looks and feels excellent. I keep finding myself saying this after I use an M-Edge product, but it’s necessary to point out, the materials and build quality are top notch. The suede liner feels incredibly soft, and the exterior of the carbon fiber jacket will certainly take a beating. The only real downside worth mentioning is the thickness. This isn’t the slimmest case that M-edge offers, but this is one of those areas where you need to figure out what you need. The added girth definitely provides some serious protection, but sacrifices a little pocket-ability. Mind you, I’m not saying this is a beastly case, rather it offers some added protection while providing a little extra bulk. In my case, this is what Ineed when I have a two year old running around my house claiming everything for herself.

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Daily Use

It turns out that one of the biggest benefits of having an e-ink display on an ereader is also one of the biggest drawbacks. I love how easy it is to read my Nook Touch, which really comes across easily as reading a book. However, there have been some times when you don’t realize how dark a room is until you pull it out to read on. Not having a backlit display means you need light in order to read. This is basically true since the dawn of time, but we’ve grown accustomed to computer screens and televisions which light up on their own. In turn, I often need this case paired with the e-luminator light in order to see what I’m reading. This little combo lets me read anywhere I please, and always have the Nook Touch protected.

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I’ve also found this to have saved my Nook a couple of times as well. As I was saying earlier, my two year old daughter doesn’t realize the difference between a gadget and a $10 toy. So when she spills water all over the counter, and my Nook happens to be sitting there, I haven’t had to worry because the GO! Jacket kept it dry. Same goes for the times when she thinks it’s a ball and gives it a little toss, or even just accidentally almost destroys daddy’s toys. It’s kept it high and dry every time.


In typical M-Edge fashion, the GO! Jacket is an excellent addition to your Nook Touch, or any other ereader. The design is clean, and the build quality is first rate. You can get a slimmer case from M-Edge, but there are plenty of times when the extra protection comes in handy. What more can you say about a case?


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