Miniot releases new wooden iPad case

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I know, I know – I just posted about another wooden iPad case a few hours ago – but look at this thing! Miniot has been on our radar for a while now, ever since they released a wooden Smart Cover-like iPad cover back in March. The Miniot Case as this new one is called is basically the Minot Cover’s bigger brother that covers the entire iPad. For something that’s made of wood, the functionality of this case is simply amazing. The cover is hinged with a wooden hinge that works much the same way the aluminium hinge on the Smart Cover works, and also fixes an issue that many owners of the standalone Minot Cover reported with the magnets not being strong enough to act as a hinge themselves. The speaker grill is replicated hole-for-hole in the wood, and even the buttons and orientation lock switch have been duplicated in wood and work fully. That’s particularly impressive seeing as many plastic cases don’t have that sort of detail, and plastic is a lot easier to work with than wood. It’s all thanks to laser cutting, I assume, but that doesn’t make this case look any less awesome.

The price is slightly less awesome though, even if it’s completely understandable. €149 (that’s the Euro sign) is the introductory price (suggesting it will be more expensive in the future), and you have to slap shipping from Holland and any import taxes on top of that. I can’t help but drool at this one despite the cost though…


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