Motorola Xoom 4G now available in the US

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Ah, the Xoom. The first Honeycomb tablet to be released should almost be declined the use of that title due to shipping without the software needed to use the microSD slot and without the hardware needed to use 4G – the latter being a “send it to Motorola later on to get it installed” for US customers. Now that these early models have finally gotten the 4G upgrade, Motorola is offering the Xoom with 4G capability built in from the get-go.

The 4G tablet will set you back $500 with a two year contract on Verizon or $670 without a contract. You’d think that Motorola had learned from its initial price point, but apparently not – you have to be pretty desperate to buy something like the Xoom for that price when you can get one of the more…successful Honeycomb tablets cheaper. Sure you might need a separate device to get 4G or even 3G, but that’s not necessarily more expensive, and certainly more flexible. The Xoom 2 is already on its way, so a 2 year contract is going to be rather close to 2 years longer than the end of life of the original Xoom – at least 1.5. Still, it’s an option.

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