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Poll: What are your HTC EVO plans in light of Sprint's recent Strategy Update?

Htc-evo-3d Last week's news about Sprint's Strategy Update really seems to have pushed a lot of buttons among G&E readers. Yes, it's great that Sprint will aggressively roll out its own 4G LTE network, which it claims will be finished by the end of 2013. Yes, it's great that Sprint won't be held back Clearwire anymore. Yes, it's great that Sprint is also planning on improving 3G speed, coverage, and consistency. But where does the LTE announcement leave current HTC EVO users?

Granted, most of our readers will probably already be ready for upgrades by the time LTE comes to their neck of the woods, but many are feeling a bit like they've been left high and dry. Many of you expressed frustration that you might have been promised 4G by Sprint salespeople, only to have those promises never materialize. However, others are excited by Sprint's new initiative and can't wait for what might be the next iteration of the HTC EVO: an EVO 4G LTE.

In any case, all of your different reactions and passionate responses made us curious: What are your EVO plans in light of this most recent news from Sprint?

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