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Replace the lock ring on your rooted HTC EVO 3D

Lockscreenreplacement If your HTC EVO 3D is rooted, then chances are you like changing things on your phone. Actually, chances are you like changing every single thing on your phone. This is why we root in the first place, after all (well, that and to get rid of spyware).

To that end, we can also change the stock lock screen ring to pretty much anything else, as kingakuma has put up over 200 replacement rings for everyone's use. It was just a few months ago that we saw custom rings for rooted EVO 4Gs running the Sense 3.0 lock screen, so it should come as no surprise that a similar mod is available for the EVO that actually runs Sense 3.0 out of the box.

Each of kingakuma's icons links to a separate download. So pick the one you want, download it to the root of your SD card, and flash it from recovery. And although it should always go without saying, make sure to make a Nandroid backup before flashing anything just in case you screw something up.

The lock screen replacements should work on any ROM with a stock Rosie, but we know how the phrase "should work" works so your mileage may vary. There's also a link to the stock lock ring in case you want it back.

Oh, and if you've changed the Sprint banner on your phone to something else, note that these custom lock screen rings may break that. It broke mine, anyway.

Anyway, make a Nandroid, head over and see if any of the 200+ rings work for you, and let me know what you chose. I personally went for the COG skull.

[XDA] Thanks, VP Forums!

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