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ROM Pick: Android Revolution HD 1.1.0 for HTC EVO 3D

What can I say about the Android Revolution HD ROM?

Imagine your HTC EVO 3D. Now imagine it being better . . . and now a little bit better. This is probably the best description of this ROM. There are no major visual changes to the stock ROM that pop out at you, just a lot of under-the-hood developmental tweaks that make it scream.

Android Revolution HD for the HTC EVO 3D is the first release of this particular ROM for the EVO 3D, but not the first of the ROM. The phone joins six other devices (HTC and Asus) in the Android Revolution HD family.

By default, this ROM boosts the processor's speed up 50%, to the 1.5GHz defaults of the chipset (not the 1GHz HTC set your 3D to). This overclocks your HTC-underclocked EVO, making it . . . well, evenly clocked, I guess. GPU UI rendering is in effect so that your phone's graphic processor handles the rendering (which is what it was designed to do) as opposed to the processors, dual-core though they may be, having to tediously render what the page is supposed to look like and then transfer it to the GPU, which is sitting there twiddling its thumbs most of the time.

That screen Kernel info

Basic screens Stock sense
Bloatware is gone or removable, and the camera is touted as being better than stock. Other highlights include easily changeable boot animation, EXT4 partition support (although to be fair, I do not think I have run across a 3D non-stock ROM without that), speed tweaks here and there for SD card IO, and RAM management.

Performance and battery life are the goals of this ROM. According to Battery Monitor Widget, my battery life increased by about 15% with absolutely no changes. My power drain has so far not gotten above 600mAh even playing games; considering I had between 6-8 hours average before, I'm pretty happy with the estimated 10-14 hours.

Should you miss the AOSP/stock Android look, there is a no-Sense version that removes most of HTC's software while keeping some of the better parts of HTC's code.

One note: although Android Revolution HD includes the Ziggy Kernel, the dual-CPU functionality was initially not showing in System Tuner under tweaks/CPU on my EVO 3D. It required flashing Ziggy's kernel again through fastboot to make that happen. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the fact that I have S-ON or an oversight by the author, but it's an easy fix. With how this ROM runs, however, I don't think most people would notice only one kernel firing either.

Bottom line is that this thing is fast.

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