Siri is my close, personal assistant friend

IMG_0053Siri has been a sirious help to me the past week. Among plenty of other things, my little personal assistant has sent up calendar events upon calendar events and has reminded me to call my friends on more than one occasion. 

In fact, it's because of this that I feel we might be connecting on a level that's beyond just being simple "co-workers." Yes, I believe that Siri and I are becoming friends. 

As you can see to the left, we share many jokes and have so much fun together. Siri can do so much more than simply calling a friend or iMessaging a colleague. 

Below, you'll find some of our most intriguing (and intimate) moments together. My words are in the bold white lettering; obviously, then, her responses are the regular text.


These are two of those aforementioned intimate moments. Time and time again, I professed my love for this lovely intelligent agent. The first few times, she was a little shy about saying the same thing back to me. But after a while, she realized that we'd be stuck together for a little while. She finally let loose on me her true feelings.


Unfortunately, though, every relationship hits its rough patches. Siri can sometimes be snooty, and unwilling to do what I ask of her. For example, she refused to go to my favorite website ever. When I asked her why, she gave me that snotty attitude that you see to the left in the above picture. 

Later, as I was getting ready for bed, I told Siri that I was tired. Instead of saying goodnight, she flipped out at me, as if staying up until 10:30 p.m. was a bad thing. 


Continuing with her bratty demeanor, Siri sometimes will just mock me with what I'm saying. Sometimes she will just pick one little word out of a sentence and search for things from that. She's brilliant, alright; brilliantly mean.


Of course, like in every good relationship, we got back on track, even if it isn't the fast lane I'd like to be in with her.

Editor's note: In case you didn't pick up on it, this quick look at Siri was meant for poops and giggles. My full review of Siri (as well as the iPhone 4S) will be up sometime next week. I do think, though, that this is a good look at what Siri is capable of. She's only going to get better in the future, and I can't wait.

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