Siri ported to iPad as proof of concept

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Before you get your hopes up, this doesn’t mean that you can use Siri on your iPad. Since the release of the iPhone 4s, Apple’s decision to make it iPhone 4S only has been skillfully proven to have no basis in technical requirements as people have been able to make the software run on an iPhone 4. Now, the same thing has happened for the iPad, and it’s even the iPad 1. Unfortunately, Siri requires communication with Apple servers, which is currently not working. That means that even if you were to jailbreak (open it up for non-App Store software) your iPad and get Siri on there, it wouldn’t be of any use. Think of it as having a person that can listen and speak but has no brain activity.

Still, a couple of weeks was all it took people to get the software running on much older hardware than the iPhone 4S. That goes to prove that Apple is just trying to use Siri to sell more iPhone 4S units, or if you’re an optimist, they’re just delaying the release on older hardware until the server has been thoroughly tested with the 4S. Quite frankly though I’m not sure Siri is worth having – a whole bunch of the features are US only, the servers have had issues several times already (making Siri useless), and YouTube is full of extremely amusing videos showing Siri fail miserably when faced with accents.

[Jackoplane (Twitter) via Engadget]

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