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Sprint's Strategy Update conference call gets even more official


In case you need more things to be excited about this week, Sprint has finally posted a link on its site to the webcast of their Strategy Update, planned for this Friday, October 7, at 9:30 a.m. Sprint is expected to formally announce its wholly-owned 4G LTE network that it has been building out, with an early 2012 release date as their goal. It is also expected to give a more specific timeline and progress report on the rollout of Network Vision, which is intended to improve 3G coverage and capacity across the nation.

But what about a nationwide deployment of EVDO Rev B, which is something I previously predicted, and which our HTC EVO 3Ds are completely compatible with?

According to moderator wingland on the official Sprint community forums, "We are committed to continue our support for EVDO Rev A.  We checked out EVDO Rev B some time ago, and decided to move directly to 4G technologies. We will not be rolling out Rev B."

While that may not be what everyone wants to hear, wingland did give a few more details about Network Vision, including that "[t]he schedule … is still being defined. We will be rolling out by market; not a single massive nationwide launch. Initial markets will see some coverage in 2011, with the majority following in 2012 and 2013 … we are working on developing an online application to show coverage improvements.  I can't comment on exactly what we're doing, but we do have plans for this."

Of course, even though this is a moderator on the official Sprint forums, we should take this with a grain of salt until "all becomes clear" on Friday.

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