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TeamWin Recovery 1.1.0 now available for your rooted HTC EVO 3D


TeamWin has released the newest version of their custom recovery application, TeamWin Recovery Project (or TWRP for short).

The main change EVO 3D owners will see is that they fixed the battery indicator; no more not knowing where your battery is at while in recovery. Other changes are behind the scenes and not that noticeable.

Something important to note and that needs to be stressed is that TWRP 1.1.0 is not backwards-compatible with older (or other) Nandroid backups. What this means is that if you have a Nandroid you made with 1.0.3, it will not work with  1.1.0. In a scenario where you backed up something important with 1.0.3 and are on the newer TWRP and needed it back, you would have to flash 1.0.3 again to recover it.

Installing the new TWRP is as simple as downloading the zip from their page, renaming it from to, and rebooting into the bootloader. It will ask you if you want to update, choose yes, then bam! You can also flash it via fastboot if you want.

If you've got ClockworkMod recovery and have been wondering what all the hubub is about TWRP, it's that Nandroids can be compressed at creation time. This was not much of an issue on the EVO 4G, which generally had 200-300MB Nandroids, but on the EVO 3D  backups hover in the neighborhood of 1.1GB, so saving 50% or so can add up quickly.

TWRP also remembers your backup settings and can be configured to reboot after successfully flashing a ROM so you can walk away from the phone, come back, and see your ROM booted and not sitting at a little menu saying "Success!"

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8 thoughts on “TeamWin Recovery 1.1.0 now available for your rooted HTC EVO 3D

  • I think you mean “renaming it from to” instead of…

  • Several people have successfully tested and used 64GB SDXC cards on the EVO 3D btw, so the max really isn’t 32GB, look it up on XDA.

  • I will edit that in a bit… I managed to miss the 64 gig cards entirely

  • Avatar of gmanvbva

    Not being backwards compatible is a pretty big deal imo…

  • I could not locate why it wasn’t. However, since flashing a new or old recovery takes 3 seconds I don’t think it’s that big of an issue.


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