The Architect Stylus is an aluminium stylus with a cap

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We like covering “high end” styli here on NBT. The large AluPen, the small Wacom Bamboo and the magnetic Maglus all fall into that category, and so does less conventional styli like the Nomad Brush. What separates these from the rest is that they’re not the same awful generic designs that all the cheap brands sell, and that is very noticeable when you use them. Well, it seems that a new stylus might be joining the stylus elite – the Architect Stylus from Arctic Accessories.

All the high quality styli have features that separate them from the rest, which is a natural part of being designed from scratch rather than ordered from a Chinese factory with a different logo. The Architect Stylus’ special feature is the cap, which screws on to either end of the stylus and either keeps the nib out of danger when not in use or completes the back end of the stylus when in use. I’ve lost on Wacom Stylus to a fractured rubber nib, so I for sure won’t underestimate the usefulness of a cap. Design wise, the Architect Stylus is also quite nice and clean looking. The cap has a big hole for a lanyard, so you can carry it with you however you want. No pen clip though, and no magnets, which might be drawbacks for some.

The Architect Stylus ships in mid November, and is currently available for preorder for $23. That’s a pretty nice price, so definitely worth checking out.

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