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Unbranded Honeycomb update for US 4G Dell Streak 7 now available

Streak-7-honeycomb-screen_wm Dell may have decided not to release a Honeycomb update for the T-Mobile Dell Streak 7, but that doesn't mean an official build for a US 4G version wasn't made.

It was and as luck would have it, it's also been found. The update and package links are below, but before you T-Mobile folk even think about clicking on them, know this: the update will fail on your device.

For some (presumably carrier-related) reason, this build is for an "unknown US" region, which is why trying to install it on a device branded by T-Mobile using the official link will fail.

The good news, for those uninterested in taking the HoneyStreak route, is that it can be manually installed by following the guide put together by Themanii.

Here are the links you shouldn't click (provided as proof that this update exists): Update page | Direct download (pkg)

And here's the link you should click: xda-developers

Thanks, Themanii!

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20 thoughts on “Unbranded Honeycomb update for US 4G Dell Streak 7 now available

  • Avatar of I want one

    I tried this method and received the FOTA Model Name Mismatch Error and installation aborted. Any ideas?

  • I also same error,
    FOTA Model Name Mismatch Error and installation aborted.

  • Avatar of Barbara

    Tried this and I get “no software updates.” Yes, it is wifi only.

  • That happened when you followed the tutorial at XDA? That’s the only link you should have clicked, as the other two are “links you shouldn’t click” (as stated in the post).

  • Only some of the streak’s were taking the update. You can also follow the set of instructions The Manii has put up that get you to install the clockwork recovery then flash the update from a zip file. I had a device that was receiving the FOTA mismatch as well…purchased at staples wifi-only was:GLUNB1A133830…Method 2 worked for me:

  • oops. sorry about that…

  • Avatar of I want one

    Correct. I followed the XDA instructions

  • Avatar of I want one

    Does my device need to be rooted? The instructions don’t say

  • What about a T-Mobile branded but bought w/o service and then later unlocked by Dell because I had commented I would be going out of the country and wanted to use international sim cards.
    Would this update work?

  • I don’t think so because that’s what I have Chris. I keep getting the FOTA Model Name Mismatch Error

  • I tried Method One in the XDA instructions and I also got the FOTA mismatch, sadly.

    So now my questions becomes, if I try Method Two, do I need to root my DS7?

    This may seem like a really dumb question, and I apologize if so, but I’ve come a long way today – I’ve learned how to use the bootloader, installed ADB and used fastboot to explore the DS7 from the command prompt for the first time. All useless, of course, since it hasn’t gotten me where I hoped yet: Onto Honeycomb.

    Sorry – frustrated! But glad StreakSmart is out there… :)

  • Avatar of hawaiinpnch

    Mine is stuck in recovery mode… suggestions?

  • Anyone know of somebody reliable (and fairly inexpensive) that would do the 3.2 update for our T-Mobile 4g Streak 7? (which we really like).

    Or, is it safer to just “skip it” or wait and see?

    Any opinions/advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • A quick, easy, major improvement for the Dell Streak 7 4G Model UI discovered…Install ZEAM LAUNCHER (Free at Market). Reboot. Select it as default launcher when asked instead of (ugly) Dell Stage. Looks great, works wonderfully (IMHO) especially with Aquarium Live Wallpaper, but Honeycomb Wallpapers are available too. I have a WiFi DS7 with 3.2. My wife has a 4G DS7. Now they both have an updated look with no hassle!

  • So, what I said before about the FOTA mismatch? Never mind. It was my own fault I was getting frustrated. I was missing a step in the process, as explained in the XDA Dev forum.

    On page 11: “I believe you did not do the update recovery.img. I did the upgrade of ‘recovery.img’ and ‘pkg’, just that.”

    So, for those getting the FOTA mismatch on your T-Mobile 4G Streak7, be sure you’re updating the recovery.img with the one provided in the thread on the XDA Dev forum. Replace that first (you have to use fastboot to do it), then reboot go into the bootloader to install the ‘update.pkg’ in the same forum thread.

    It just worked for me – wiped my drive but it’s worth it. Honeycomb is gorgeous.

    Thank you DJ Steve and Themanii! I’m loving the update.

  • Avatar of Writerguy

    I’m not at all tech-savy. Can any one recommend some one/where I can get help to upgrade?

  • Has someone tried to update simple by letting the system to do it itself? Ok, I’m talking about the stock ROM.



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