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Upgrade the stock Android calculator with RealCalc

Realcalcplus-screenI remember when my math teachers would say, "You need to learn how to do math in your head. You won't always be carrying a calculator with you." Well, thanks to the HTC EVO, they are obviously wrong. Because as long as we have our high-powered smartphones within reach, we will always have a handy calculator by our side (learning to do math in your head is still important!).

For the most part, the stock calculator that comes with our HTC EVOs can handle standard arithmetic problems with ease. However, if you are in need of a more advanced calculator or one more closely resembling those used in algebra or trigonometry classes, RealCalc Scientific Calculator is for you.

The app instantly reminds me of a Casio scientific calculator, which is something that can't be said of ECCalc Pro. If you have ever used one of those Casio calculators, then using RealCalc will be a breeze. It looks and operates like the real thing. Data is entered in the same manner in a very clean, simple, and polished UI.

There are a couple of settings that can be changed within the app, like enabling it to keep the screen on while it's running, using full screen, and providing button feedback (I personally turn off this option). And for those that prefer RPN (reverse polish notation), this setting can also be enabled.

RealCalc has a clipboard available by pressing on the "display" screen. Here you can choose to copy display, memories, and history. Other useful features found in real scientific calculators are included with this app too

RealCalc is free and includes everything mentioned above.

RealCalc Plus, however, costs $3.49 and adds some extras like fractions calcs and conversions, degrees/minutes/seconds calcs and conversions, landscape support, and custom unit conversion, which are much needed features if you work in construction or engineering fields.

I personally have always found the stock calculator to be lacking. My trusty scientific calculator is always within arm's reach at my office. But sometimes I am called into a quick meeting, have to run out to a construction jobsite, or just can't find my calculator because it got covered in paperwork. For those moments, my HTC EVO and RealCalc have been there to bail me out.

So while my teachers may have been wrong about some things, they were and are still right when they said, "You will always need to use math, even after high school." In one way or another, math is needed in our everyday lives; thankfully, we have our HTC EVOs to help us out.


RealCalc: Market (EVO) | Market (web)


RealCalc Plus: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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