Zeam Launcher gives Dell Streak 7 a needed facelift

This guest post was written by Al in Florida.

DS7 Desktop II

When my wife marveled at a coworker's iPad and said she'd love to have something like that for her frequent travel, I bought her a Dell Streak 7 from T-Mobile after being impressed with its good build quality, ideal size, name brand, inexpensive 4G data plan, speed, and features. She was thrilled. A few weeks later, Staples had the WiFi-only version on a great coupon special and I decided to get one for myself.

I installed the Honeycomb 3.2 update when it became available recently and broke the bad news to my wife that it wouldn't be coming to her T-Mobile 4G tablet. Looking at the two devices side by side, she was disappointed with the new clean look on mine and the old dated look of Dell Stage on hers.

I'm not a root and flash person, and didn't want to risk making a brick out of her tablet trying to solve the UI problem. So I decided to test alternative launchers and see if her problem could be solved going that route. First up were Go Launcher and ADW. Spinning cubes, spinning cylinders, and too many options and configurations. It was just too much for me.

Zeam-qrThen I tried Zeam Launcher. It's simple and minimalist, and gave her T-Mobile Streak 7 an  updated desktop without a 3.2 upgrade. It's fast and clean, with a small icon lineup in a narrow panel down the right hand side and all icon pages on an attractive black background. Paired with the free Aquarium Live wallpaper, she got a cool new look for her device. I may introduce her to VTL.Launcher if she needs more docks in the future, but for now Zeam Launcher is making her very happy.

Links: Market (Streak) | Market (web)

This guest post was written by Al in Florida.

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